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Parallax method of calculating the distance between celestial objects takes into consideration the triangulation technique. The method as such has cer

1.1 Visibility at its best is possible with in a circular area of 30 degrees around the Nadir. On a curved surface the curvature of the globe on which the observer is located and that of the celestial globe wherein the celestial bodies are located the visibility suffers significantly gradually decreasing towards the periphery until the horizon is reached. On the other hemisphere occurs similar phenomenon. The angular distance, the shape of the Constellation or other larger systems will have to be considered for the calculations.

Those celestial bodies at Nadir tonight reach zenith point in six months period. The presence of solar illumination hinders visibility of the rest of the objects.

1.2 When helical [sinusoid] orbit describes any dynamic orbits for celestial bodies instead of a static [circular or elliptical] ones the base of the “triangle” differs significantly.

1.3 The relative position of the observer, north/ south shift of the planet during its orbital displacement and the location of specific star or star groups combine to complicate the calculation in this method.

2. Distances between planets will have to be calculated once again in view of their sinusoid orbits and variability in duration. For example, for one 360 degree orbital revolution of Saturn our planet Earth moves at least 29.46 years.

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Think it over

The world has witnessed maximum number of scientific and technological advancements during twentieth century alone. Nonetheless at every stage the system has failed to convince critical reviews. No sooner a scientific publication reaches the scientists several others take shelter under such umbrella to justify their own existence.
There being no critical evaluation of the available information a genuine knowledge system has not evolved during that period. Most of the scientific facts are reduced to hoax, to say the least.

Take for example the Mission Manhattan that delivered and detonated the nuclear devices over Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in August 1945. The Second World War came to an end. The world had a clear picture of energy contained in nuclear fission. The atom was divided. Democrit of fifth century B.C. used the term atom to define the smallest indivisible and stable particle. The atoms were shown to be unstable and divisible. There came a series of particles smaller than atom. The advancement of particle research and quantum physics has shaken the basic foundation on which the Periodic Tables came to exist. Once the Periodic Tables are found to be inaccurate the entire chemistry and physics based on these concepts automatically become obsolete.

Another example may be taken regarding the living organisms. In the beginning of 20th century they were included under Natural Sciences. Then they were divided and regrouped into Botany, Zoology and Microbiology. Again Botany and Zoology were reunited into Biology. Biology is the science of life. But so far life energy has not been defined. All that is said and done is using dead organisms and hence should have justly called necrology.

Biochemistry is the next trend combining life sciences with chemistry, specifically organic chemistry. Obviously all these combinations have based their work on dead organisms and out-dated information from Periodic Tables. Many modern disciplines have come up taking queue from the Biochemistry: Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Genetics, and others.

Just in the field of chromatography alone there has been a constant refinement of technique but with least modification to the basic concepts and definitions.

Take for example the only formula known regarding the harnessing of solar energy by plants, the process identified as photosynthesis and respiration. Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and other elements decorate the Periodic Tables. Water available in the natural springs and rivers is much more complex than simple H-O-H. At least all the minerals dissolved in it should have been taken into account. No mechanism is described as to the ionization of Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide supposed to be present in the air. Air has not even been included when considering the planet as a globe. Thousands if not millions of plant products available in the nature are manufactured by plant resources but the scientist has not yet made further progress in understanding them just because his vision is blinded by the limitations of obsolete concepts.

Blood as a complex tissue in the animal body has no coherent mechanisms to receive, transport or administer nutrients as described in the literature. Any gas in the blood is sure to cause death of the organism. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are gases as per literature. How they get separated from the air or incorporated into the blood are other enigmas. Brain tissue is said to consume about 20% of available energy but not a single drop of blood enters the same. If at all it enters there occurs some cerebral damage leading to paralysis. More problems remain unasked and answers unknown in this field. Blood banks and intravenous transfusions and injections are given every where. Commercially this has become a splendid venture.

In the field of medicine a series of erroneous assumptions has resulted in a complex health hazard around the world. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoans are held responsible for most of the diseases of organisms. A highly successful pharmaceutical industry has flourished and ably exploits the humanity through publicity. No wonder the human species is under danger of extinction if remedial measures are not taken in time.

Breakdown of metabolic process accumulated toxic wastes in the body of the organism leading to symptoms called diseases. Removal of toxic waste from the organism is carefully avoided in the system.

Fungi are known to grow on any dead organic substrate. They do not attack metabolically active cells, tissues, organs or organisms. The prozoans enter the human body and then establish themselves only when the suitable environment is found therein.

It is a different story with bacteria and viruses. As a rule about 10% of body weight corresponds to bacteria in any living organism. These microbes may be useful or not to the organism. They occur in diverse forms. Some are useful others serve to eliminate the damaged cells and tissues. Their activity is closely related to the vitality of the organism. When these bacteria proliferate in one cell where the medium is suitable for their growth they become virulent. The purpose is to eliminate the cell in question. Obviously the temperature rises. The organism feels the temperature and the treatment given at the time is to get rid of the fever. The bacterial cell suffers in the presence of antibiotics invented during 20th century. The viral particles present in the bacterial cell proliferate to consume the same. Once the bacterial cell becomes empty viral particles also disappear. This is what is found in the literature.

The problem becomes more complex at this stage. By definition viral particles are symbiotic with bacteria and hence called bacteriophages. They can never attack any other organisms than bacteria. How can there be diseases caused by viruses among humans? Diseases like polio, aids, common cold, dengue fever, Ebola, human papiloma, herpes are all attributed to the viral pathogens present in the air. No viral particle has been isolated nor studied apart. They are supposed to produce enzymes to dissolve the nuclear membrane of the bacteria and come in contact with the complimentary nucleic acids and then only become virulent. The viral particles are supposed to carry 500 genes compared to 4000 genes for a bacterium. This has served to proceed with human genetic mapping in some way or other.

It is interesting to note that nuclear divisions, mitosis or meiosis are not known in bacteria and its nucleus is not seen. How can one count the genes in the absence of any chromosomes? The pharmaceutical companies are eager to find out products for sale. The easiest thing they discovered is the vaccination, especially for children below 8 months. Some have even commented that this is just because the children at that age cannot complain.

Vaccines are supposed to be debilitated viruses or microbes with recipients to deliver the material. The medium in which these are carried may contain dangerous substances damaging the organisms. Many children who received the triple antigen vaccine developed autism. Organic mercury present in dangerous quantities in the vaccine was pin pointed as the possible causal agent for this disease. Such vaccines are banned in industrially advanced countries to avoid health hazards in the future. Perhaps it is worthwhile reviewing the entire vaccination policy at the earliest.

The WHO has recently accepted errors committed by experts promoting the use of formula substituting breast milk for children. To avoid health damage to the children now the campaign is to promote breast milk for a baby during first two years. This assures proper mental development of the baby. It protects the baby immunologically. This is to say that no vaccine is needed during that period. Does it not occur to any one that all propaganda promoting vaccinations sound strange? This can easily be contrasted when the propaganda insists that they should be administered to a baby before it reaches 8 months of age.

Multinational pharmaceutical giants spend huge amounts of money to promote and market their products. World Consumers Forum has denounced the malpractice involved.

Another point for reflection at this stage is the description of symptoms or diseases and search for attacking these symptoms. Fragmentation of the whole organism on one hand and the isolation of active principle from a natural product to combat a symptom are all indications of mismanagement of health issues. A human being should be the target of treatment as a whole. Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, economic health issues are to be studied in a nut shell.

Many such reflections should help humanity to reconstruct the scientific trend in search of true knowledge. The information technology has made the world ‘flat’. Constructive criticisms among young intelligent scientists alone can make them leaders of the world in the near future. May God guide them all.


Right from the onset of pro-embryo an amniotic sac filled with amniotic liquid gets established.

Self sustaining life energy, once incorporated into the pro-embryo, has a definite pattern.

This life energy field constitutes the guide line for organ differentiation. The entire process taking place within the assembly line situated within the amniotic fluid.

All cells of the embryo are surrounded by the nourishing amniotic liquid.

When the cells, tissues and organs are established the boundary line is formed by the floating fat bodies. The inner layer is identified as adipose tissue and the outer layer remains the skin. The liquid contained within is the lymph.

This lymph constituting the major portion of body fluids takes care of all metabolic functions and structural differentiation.

Breast milk is the finest nutrient suitably adjusted to the needs of the infant among mammals. This liquid is practically the pure form of lymph and needs no digestion at all.

Soon after digestion of food in the digestive system the nutrients get incorporated into the lymph by absorption. The relative position of lymph just below the mucus membrane is the simplest explanation available. It is interesting to note that such relation is not observed towards the distal portion of large intestine and the rectum where toxic residues get accumulated.

Transportation and distribution of nutrients all over the body occurs through lymph. Rhythmic movement of the diaphragm controls all the ten types of movements in the human body.

Each living cell is in direct contact with the surrounding lymph full of nutrients.

Metabolic products/secretions get released into the lymph.

Metabolic products not useful in the body become toxic waste and this should be drained out of the lymph into the vena cava. Early elimination of this toxic substance is the function of the heart and the arterial system. Organs like liver, kidneys, skin or spleen take care of the elimination task.

When the toxic waste elimination process is hampered due to various reasons intoxication of the lymph initiates a series of diseases.

The modern medicine has to rethink on these aspects. The nature, function and importance of the lymph should be better understood in order to serve the humanity with health saving techniques.

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helical helix

1. Sun is a star in motion [rotation and revolution]. The shape ascribed to this as a burning mass of gas refers only to the photosphere. The main body has been neither observed, nor the energy emission areas next to the main body described. The complete picture of such a body should look like an Olympic torch in motion. All stars should have similar shape.

2. The planets can have no heliocentric orbits. In the tropics we observe for our planet earth day time and night time in a 24 hour cycle duration. This is possible only when a planet moves in a helical orbit.

3. The inclination of the axis -23 degrees 27’ 30’’ refers to the angle at the cone apex and the complete 46 degrees 55’ solid angle is formed at the cone apex. The base of the cone represents the planetary orbit. When the planet moves along its orbit the base extends as a sinusoid curve describing a helix.

Other planets also present similar patterns for their orbits.

Hence the solar system should be conceived as a coaxial cone in helical motion.

The solid angle at the cone apex [photosphere] and the distance at which the planet is located are two constants for each planet.

All calculations will have to be done accordingly.

4. Our earth with lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere in motion should look like a comet. The lithosphere and hydrosphere together look like a spheroid but the atmosphere gets extended like an extended mantle, a tail.

Other planets or celestial bodies with gaseous atmosphere should look like a comet.

5. The moon as a natural satellite maintains a helical orbit around the orbit of the planet.

Calculations will have to be made for journey to the moon.

For other planets depending on their relative position, whether internal or external slight variations are necessary for take off and landing.

6. Animal migration, climate changes, weather conditions are all applied fields related to these conceptual changes.

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Ana lemma explained

Sun photographed through one year at ten day interval, presents 36 exposures in a special pattern known as Ana lemma in astronomical literature.
It is significant that the camera was located at one spot and exposure made at a specific pre determined time
The constellation at the back ground gets shifted every month depending on the orbital displacement of the planet earth. The 24 hour rotation maintains the exposure of one side alone to the sunlight.
An axial rotation explains the day night sequence.
Incident sunlight is perpendicular to the planetary axis when the camera is within the range of exposure of planetary surface This pattern may be identified as Moebius loop.

In this case the axial shift, either to the north or to the south as the case may be, describes the solstices and the east west shift the equinoxes. This is the yearly motion on its orbit. Therefore the orbit describes a HELIX and the heliocentric orbit is no more valid.
Similar patterns are obtainable for all celestial bodies.

Solar system may be described as a series of coaxial cones on one side of the sun. When sun is moving forward on its orbit the coaxial cones maintain the orbit behind maintaining the cone apex at the photosphere. The solid angle at the cone apex corresponds to the so called inclination of the planetary axis in each case. This angle and the distance between the photosphere and the planet are constants.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Solutions for Nutrient Deficiency

The United Nations at New York celebrated 60th year of its installation as a world body. The proceedings on the 14, 15 and 16th of September 2005 selected some specific objectives to be taken up for the third millennium.

Reduction of extreme poverty and hunger, promotion of universal primary education, child care and mothers health, gender issues, social justice, environmental protection, fight against diseases like malaria, HIV, and others which develop as epidemics, supply of safe drinking water among other objectives may be mentioned.

In order to work with a project it is necessary to plan well in advance. A census of the population around which the project is to be developed is a must. Their individual and collective problems will have to be taken into account. Available resources, man- power, adequate technology, funds, time limits with in which the work has to be completed are all factors to be kept in mind. Suitable opportunities, training of the local population, allocation of funds are all part of the project.

Very few nations in the world maintain reliable statistical data on its own population. The tropical region with optimal environmental conditions houses 76% of the world population. The rest 24 % lives in temperate and Arctic regions. As far as the biodiversity is concerned about 80% of the world resources is available in the tropics.

The uncontrolled destruction of the natural habitats with a number of excuses, depletion of the forest wealth, soil erosion, silting of the rivers and lakes, production use and disposal of plastics in the environment, contamination of diverse kind extending over land water and air. Artificial lights and sounds, microwave radiation are all of concern to humanity. Some experts have found the population explosion as a major hurdle in the fight against hunger and poverty.

Modern civilization is a consumer- oriented model developed in industrialized countries to sell more and more with least interest in the item sold or its impact on the consumer. People in the rest of the world are following blindly this model as if a symbol of progress. The food and living habits developed in the temperate regions, when copied blindly do not fit into the tropical conditions. People are trying to enter the industrialized world legally or even illegally believing that such standard of living with food and life style is the best of its kind. That is the image projected by the media controlled by the economic interests. Side by side a modern technology has come up apparently to make things easier for the humanity, provided one pays for that.

About four centuries of scientific progress in Europe served to extend the same world wide either in the name of colonization or scientific exchange programs. The concepts and methodology are made to remain deep- rooted wherever it was taken. Those who do not fit into their measures are not considered as scientists at all. Some people consider this type of imposition on others and their acceptance as such to be a mere mental slavery. A reasonable revision of the entire issue is urgently needed to attain mental independence around the world.

At this juncture I shall focus the attention on the world population. The trend seems to be far from population explosion to an implosion. The empty cradle syndrome discussed at Cairo in the year 1994 is a clear indicator in this direction. The deterioration of human genetic material over the past sixty years is significant. The quality of life, the food habits, the living habits, contamination of soil air and water when compared with the genetic deterioration of humanity several eye openers appear.

Few examples should be sufficient to prove the statement.

The United States of America has a population of about 280 million. Life expectancy is about 75 years. By the year 2005 there are about 165 million above 70 years of age. They may not live another five years. Junk food consumed in the country has been the main factor in the obesity of people, young and old alike. Degenerative diseases like cardiovascular disorders, arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and many such disorders are associated with poor food habits and living habits. It is a type of malnutrition with fried food, refined cereals and sugar, artificial coloring matters and flavors, animal protein like eggs, cheese, meat, fish, chicken and their derivatives of all kinds with saturated fat. Drug abuse, alcohol and tobacco contribute to a society full of anxiety or stress. This is the life style and food habits projected as advanced model by the media. Are we to copy this blindly? Is this the way to improve the standards of living? What are the values for humanity?

China is the most populated country of the world with over 1300 million people. As per information available in 2005 more than 70% of river water is contaminated beyond possible recovery. Industrial drainage continues to produce more and more contaminants. About 450 million male (born during the Mao regime) remain unmarried and have no hopes of getting a couple. About 250 million female also of corresponding age were kept in caves away from sunlight and are crippled unable to bear a child. Primary school children are smokers. The Government Tobacco factories provide employment to many and the production should get good market disregarding the health hazard. Official efforts are to promote production of articles for export to earn foreign exchange. The extensive small- scale industries have failed to compete with the industries. Are we to imitate this life style?

Japan’s industrial progress is remarkable. But the senior citizen population is increasing day by day and fewer children born. Work force is getting reduced due to old age. A Japanese woman may live up to 84.9 years but a male may reach 79.5 years.

Industries may be out sourced to other countries where labor is cheap and abundant or raw material is easy. Elders at home require shelter, food, medicine and other amenities. With the limited space available for human activities all live under stress. Are we to copy this life style?

Australia is a continent by itself with least population pressure. The fertile soil is eroded due to mining. The reduced number of children born every year the government has issued circulars to the effect that Australian couples should beget a third child. The food habits and life style is that of the industrialized world.

People in Africa face ethnic or political problems. Absence of clean drinking water and food has been a major problem. Soy and its products are given to feed the hungry with vegetable protein. Malnutrition and especially under nutrition is the major problem where the children die at an early age. In South Africa three out of four are HIV infected. Dreaded diseases like Ebola appeared in Africa. Most of the African countries have been colonies of many European Countries, the food habits and living habits of Europe are considered as standard. That is the main mental barrier to be crossed. Probably nothing much could be copied.

The Middle East has been exposed to three modern wars in recent times. Gulf war of Kuwait, that of Afghanistan and the recent one at Iraq. Besides the direct damage suffered by the people and the society, the indirect damage in the future has not been evaluated. Every bomb carried a dead weight to attain precision target. The deteriorated Uranium is a radio- active waste remnant after extraction of Uranium for nuclear purposes. About 99.95%of the ore is discarded as deteriorated Uranium. Such toxic radioactive material had no known use until the experts found this heavy material to be used as dead weight for bombs. The radiation is known to cause cancer. The radioactive effect extends over a radius of about 1000 miles and probably will last for ever. The changed living habits and the food habits in the region imitate the industrialized society to raise the standards of living. Is it worthy of imitation?

European Community has serious problems with its population. Old age on one side and few children born leaves a significant reduction in the population. By 2005 Spain had more than 4000 villages shut down with no inhabitants. To maintain a school children were brought in from about 50 villages. University faculties are full of professors but few students. This is the reason advertisements appear in tropical countries to attract intellectuals to their faculties. Some countries like France have intended artificial insemination and test tube embryos. But there are no surrogate mothers available to carry out the 20 to 30 thousand embryos through the required period. Other countries like Germany or Italy offer bonus to women who are prepared to deliver babies. France has announced 15 day paid holiday for a father to take care of the new- born baby. The food and living habits, drug abuse, homosexuality, are all modern trend considered to be life. Do we need a copy of that life or an imitation of the same?

South American countries present high birth rate. Poverty and ill health, gender abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, are all common factors in any corner. About 7% population is rich enough to imitate the European or American life style. The remaining population mostly perched on the outskirts of cities cause social problems of diverse nature. Very few go to the agricultural sector. This may be due to the land -owners who live far away and do not permit cultivation by any body other than their kith, they too do not worry about the same. May be the population has forgotten the agricultural techniques after so many years away from the fields. The fields are abandoned and erosion has taken its share. For example in Brazil out of 165 million people about two thirds live under poverty line. Brazil is number one country in exporting Coffee. This earns the foreign exchange for the country but the workers have no food. Brazil grows sugar cane to produce gasohol but no food is available for such workers. No wonder the easily available rum and beer are the favorite drinks of the population in general, especially the working class. Drug abuse is also common among the poor. The health problem of people especially uneducated women and children in the rural areas is really alarming. The contamination produced by petroleum industries has been indicated as the main cause of birth defects among children in the affected areas. Are we to learn any lesson from these people? Is there any thing that can be imitated? Isolated efforts are there to rectify many of these problems but the industrial modern civilization has maintained the voice through media.

The modern civilization has contributed with wide range of day- to- day articles like mobile phones, microwave cooking ranges, television sets with cathode tubes, computer monitors, hair driers, vacuum cleaners and similar ones. Every one of them causes health hazards but invisible and equally dangerous. The industrial production of highly dangerous agrochemicals and chemicals for domestic use their distribution and marketing continue at full swing to earn more profit to the industries. All the out sourcing income of any country may not be sufficient to treat the sick resulting from the radiation junk out of the obsolete computer hardware.

A significant trend has been officially recorded and that is terrifying. About sixty years ago one milliliter of human semen contained about 250 active sperms. Recently the count came down to 50 million with morphological abnormalities and sluggish sperms. When the count is less than 20 thousand there is every possibility that a man is infertile, condition known as oligospermy. Many cases are known to have no sperms at all, condition known as azoospermy. The prevailing food habits and living habits and the contamination of the soil, air and water may be responsible to produce such genetic changes in such a short time.

Experts on their part have maintained that the present sperm count is 50 million per milliliter. This is the only possible explanation they handle.

Substances known to produce mutations or changes at nuclear divisions or chromosomes are as follows:Caffeine, theine, theobromine, nicotine, cocaine, cannabinin, alcohols, CFCs, DDT, Dioxin, Gossypol, Cyclamides, Dieldrin, Steroids, Afltoxins,lindane, methyl mercury, Lead, Cadmium, and others

Acidification of the body fluids is the direct consequence of consumption of the following items: Eggs, cheese, chicken, meat of any kind, pork and its derivatives, fish and sea food (capable of accepting high amounts of methyl mercury in the food chain).

Refined sugar, cereals and flours, vegetable oils especially when they are hydrogenated, deep fried food, tomatoes, soy bean or its derivatives, chillies of all kinds and derivatives contribute to malnutrition, irritability and prone to many diseases.

All these contribute to genetically alter the human being. Are we prepared to accept this degradation in the near future? Experts on the matter should start thinking fast. Planning for the future should consider the genetic damage already taken place.

Change of life habits and food habits is the only alternative left for the humanity, if it wants to save itself.

Ideal Education

The span of life extends from birth to death. A part of this duration is available for efficient productive work. At least about 24 years are used for education and training to attain professional level in any field of specialization. Normally after 60 or 65 years one gets retired from service either voluntarily or the efficiency tends to decrease owing to deteriorating health conditions. The productive work should benefit individual evolution, social well being and national advancement with dignity full of human values. Each one should establish personal goals to be attained with in a given time limit. Once it is reached fresh goals will have to be established in the same direction if the same ideas are maintained and are expected to continue upward trend. The efficient creativity in physical, mental and spiritual levels indicates personal evolution, development or advancement. The same may be said of a society, an organization or a nation for that matter. Elimination of poverty, material and spiritual, is possible only by this means. So also the physical and mental slaveries could be eliminated.

The abundance of raw materials available across a tropical country like Bharat should be properly made use of by professionally trained personnel. The beneficiaries in the first place should be in the same country. When their requirements are met with satisfaction the living conditions become uniform with least class difference. National well being is based on sustainable society with least unattended demands either in food shelter or social justice. The formation of professionals is an individual approach. The existing system of education based on foreign components, both in the form and its contents, is of no use in a tropical country with a different custom and culture.

Education starts at home. A traditional household is an ideal set up to initiate a child to prepare one self. In fact the education starts with the parents who want to get a child in order to perpetuate the noble heritage that is at our door steps for the past several millennia. The food and living habits of the future parents play significant role in the constitution of a child. The quality of the gametes which go to unite to establish a new organism is of great importance. No toxic residues should be there which damage the components of the gametes. The auspicious moment for conception should permit a healthy, intelligent noble child to start with. During pregnancy the woman should enjoy special attention to guarantee good food, rest, exercise and comprehension so that her physical, mental and spiritual health is maintained at an optimal level. The fetus develops interest for special vibrations in the form of classical music or natural sounds. The sound vibrations play important role in the proper development of a new organism. The daily traditional prayers with Vedic texts, for example, are suitable for the purpose. The universal vision to receive good news, noble thoughts or well being of the entire world is of much importance in the proper development of the fetus. Let peace and happiness rule the world.

Soon after birth a baby becomes partially independent but needs help in many aspects. This is an excellent opportunity to educate the baby. First of all let the baby grow in an environment free of evil thinking, sonic contamination, air pollution, dirty water or garbage strewn land. A natural set up with fresh air, pure water, clean soil, flora and fauna compatible with human beings is an excellent environment for child education.

An education to identify and enjoy the raw materials available in the tropics before its use is a good initial step. Little by little the child is guided to enjoy and utilize the resources with least damage to the environment and to the user. Implementation of this system of education requires an over all change in the concept and contents, call it a revolution in the correct constructive sense.

First and foremost stands the selection and preparation of open minded efficient teachers to lead the program. The age old system of education in Bharat has maintained the need for a permanent self study in order to become a good virtuous teacher. The discipline and flaw less character are indispensable factors to become a teacher candidate. A teacher never gets tired teaching and guiding the ever enthusiastic student population.

A fully qualified teacher should understand the abstract concepts, the objectives of any kind and the words and their significances with all the range of variables. The teacher should lead a simple but exemplary life style along with high thinking standards for others to see and if possible, to follow. For all problems of the society the teacher should indicate suitable solutions with in his capacity or at least should be prepared to discuss the problem with the affected people to arrive at proper conclusions.

Administrative support should be available for the teacher to maintain his body and mind together with proper security. The organizational aspects like infrastructure, finance, physical space, surroundings, logistic in general are all administrative responsibilities. An able administrator should work in complete harmony with the teaching staff. Only gifted few can become such good administrators. Merit and capability alone should decide the selection for such post. When required, special instructions may be given to such selected candidates in the form of training or administrative orientation.

Sustainable agriculture includes cattle farms, horticulture, orchards, medicinal plants and ornamental plants with fodder and any additional fruit trees or timber trees. The forest canopy serves as shade for animals as well. Only selected persons with keen interest in this field should take up this venture. After obtaining sufficient education and training in different aspects of this project they should be permitted to handle these sustainable farms. They should provide harmless vegetables, fruits, cereals and other farm produce for the entire society. These are the basic requirements for every one in the form of food and beverage. Milk and milk products may be consumed for those who require such raw materials. Manure may be prepared with the help of earthworms, cattle dung and green leaves or even the dry leaves. Those engaged in this profession should know how to manage such a program to meet the possible demands with quality products in time. Such arrangement solves problems like the hunger and food shortage or nutrient deficiency. The trained hands should lead the project with learners following their foot steps for the next generation.

At all levels manual labor becomes a key point and all able bodied persons get opportunity to contribute with their might in solving the problems of the entire society. The material needs of the constituent families are looked after by the agricultural production which should be coordinated at several levels to maintain free flow of the process. Extra care should be taken to maintain supply to the weaker sections like elder citizens, pregnant women or physically or mentally disabled people. Preventive measures should be taken to avoid diseases and disasters like famine. Medical help should be available at all times with no additional burden on the sick. The society should make provisions for such situations. The administrative team is there to look after different security measures and implementation just action at the time of any social unrest. The planning body has to evolve strategies and measures before other organisms in the society act.

At the outset any baby is exposed to a family life full of love, harmony and faith in the Almighty. This is to recognize a supreme power that looks after the entire affairs of the mankind amidst a dynamic nature. Such an eternal power eludes verbal description of any kind. It is just the subtle vibration present in every object, animate or not. It represents a silent witness for every action every where by every body. This faith is just in case we have to surrender ourselves to some body some time.

Side by side the child is invited to train its own capacity to improve the sensory perceptions so that all the input is clear, precise with least ambiguity. Simultaneously the observations should be systematically arranged for storage in accordance with individual taste and convenience but with least prejudice. Incidentally simple reasoning and logical arguments are conveniently introduced in to the collected data which helps to process the observed facts in a better manner. Collective games are conveniently organized to imitate social problems and practical solutions are obtained. Of the possible collection of solutions the best or most effective one is selected and the problem gets solved. It is a child’s play to educate to become a responsible citizen in the future. Proper soft technology should be selected to minimize the efforts or to save time, labor and energy. Able and experienced adults from the society, whether teachers or parents, participate in the teaching game suggesting convenient technologies to their knowledge, to make the same more attractive and meaningful. Every household becomes a research center in the true sense to look for collective solutions to social problems. Any conclusion and the efficient solution are recorded and maintained for future reference.

Throughout the education process care must be taken to ensure that a child enjoys full freedom to use all the five sensory perceptions. A coordinated use of motor organs can train the corresponding organs. The mind and body get trained simultaneously to solve social problems. Step by step any sensory perception may be improved and made more complicated so that the assimilation capacity increases. For example, to improve the hearing capacity the simple vibrations and natural sounds may be combined with musical notes, combinations of these notes with intonations and extensions, different melodies, significant terms and meaningful messages may be included in successive classes. When it comes to the vision, simple colors, forms of objects, fruits, flowers, domestic animals or natural flora and fauna, a pond, river under flooded and dry conditions permit association of many factors for analysis. Timely programs should be envisaged in the nature when things or happenings occur without previous notice, all on a surprise the teacher should be alert to make use of the situation. Any analysis and logical reasoning to explain the natural process should be promoted. Similar experiences provide ample opportunities and training to face surprise problems in the society. Once the curiosity is aroused the child is capable of maintaining the trend for a while. Constant supervision and guidance is required to sustain such interest for longer periods. Finally the mature youngster can defend one self.

When the process of observation of the nature and the analysis of the collected data their interpretation to arrive at obvious conclusions is complete further creative thinking sets in. Opportunities should be open to the interested youngster in the society so that the young mind is engaged in constructive activity.

By the time the youth is grown up involved in solving social problems with efficient solutions there is a new leader ready to guide the destiny of the companions. Now the real life commences exposing the real problems them selves. Problems are of two types, those with no solutions at all and those with possible solutions. One has nothing to do with the former category, not even engaging oneself in emotions or sentiments since there is no solution at any cost. Meanwhile no time should be lost in solving the situations. Stitch in time saves nine say the proverb.

While solving a problem several other aspects become automatically incorporated into the education program. For example, trying to answer the questions related to the problems one should ask why, where, when, how, who in a coherent manner to get respective answers. A systematic approach leading to the discovery of a specific pattern is the science. Science is the true knowledge explaining all the factors involved without supposing anything at all. Such precious pieces of information when accumulated become future science, a useful tool for the society as a whole and not just for a few elite scholars to deal with.

Any problems or their solutions have aspects that can be expressed quantitatively or qualitatively. Here enters the mathematics. The four operations of mathematics involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division become useful and practical. This opportunity should be made use of for improving the mathematical skills. Higher mathematics imagining or supposing abstract conditions may be suitable for specialists as hobbies. Games such as chess provides for intellectual evolution. Interested persons may indulge in similar games to maintain intellectual rapidity.

Working in groups or in a society youngsters have ample opportunity to cooperate, sympathize and put into practice good brotherhood. Compassion for the weaker sections of the society with love and affection are attributes to be developed or fostered right from the child hood. The concentric circles including oneself at the center and the family, community, village, state, region, country, the world at large forming successive circles represent a reasonable society. A social science of this type is suitable in the education preparing the base for a noble citizen.

Physical education is part of day to day activities at the school involving jumping singing running walking making acrobatics and what not. One gets sufficiently exhausted at the end of the day. After a soothing fresh water bath one gets a deserving rest at night. Physical education not only makes the lungs stronger but also other organs of the body become equally trained and educated. Violence and erratic competition should be avoided at the physical education. All are winners when they finish the play. Games like athletics, swimming, kabaddi or khokho are ideal for such purposes. Games should be played for its own sake. Sportsmanship is the real spirit with which one participates in an event. Such events may be maintained as part of cultural program in any society. Appropriate use of physical activity for gardening, tree planting or maintenance of social forests is a positive step in the education. Whenever possible, as in the case of coastal areas, tree climbing is a very good useful exercise worth practicing.

Traditional yoga becomes part and parcel of the education process involving all the steps of social and individual disciplines and duties fit for an interested student.

Artistic expressions may be part and parcel of every educational activity. Each person may develop proficiency in the form of theater, dance, drama, painting, sculpturing, imitating birds and animals, or any other good activities. Each one may develop individual taste for specific options and may require orientation on selected fields. Creative minds should be recognized at once and given facilities to continue in the field.

All through the education process one will have ample opportunity to express in clear terms experiences and feelings as and when they come to mind. The thoughts get physical expression through vocal box in a systematic manner. The pronunciation and precision in word selection, orthography or grammatical constructions are fundamental components of language education. Further specialization in poetry, metrics or essay writing, story telling and the like is possible with proper guidance and recognition. An efficient communication is part of a good education.

This type of education has to be set up at diverse environments to suit individual locality and should not be generalized or made alike for all ecological environments. The rigidity of form or contents normally associated with generalized text books may thus get reduced with this type of education in mind. Chronograms to suit the local weather conditions also will have to be incorporated in to the teaching syllabus. They should include activities related to their environment and social, cultural or other factors.

To reduce the burden of weight in the school bag a new system is proposed. In this system numbered cards are elaborated for students, their parents and their teachers. The numbers are identical in all the three cards but the contents are totally different. In one card corresponding to the student instruction is given as to the objective of the day’s activity. The card to the parents carrying identical number informs them about the activity and suggests the requirements for that particular activity. The way the child should be dressed, the foot wear, the head dress, additional towel, pair of glows, a knife, a wooden board, fruits or seeds, or any such requirements are indicated mentioning the quality and quantity. The parents will take active part in the home work and evaluation of the child’s activities. This step maintains close contact with the child’s progress through daily observation. Again this is yet another way of involving the parents, in addition to the teacher in the orientation and evaluation of the taught. The other card carrying the identical number given to the teacher explains the work to be done at the school keeping in mind the level at which the child learns and the ability of the taught to grasp and dominate the contents.

The card for the teacher explains the objective to be attained, the methodology to be followed, the number of students to be involved in each game and other details. This being an individual record depending upon the progress shown by the pupil the teacher should plan quite in advance to organize activities at the school. The teacher is always at liberty to involve the parents to guide the taught so that the home work becomes part of the school work. The individual action, the reaction of the group, the interaction among students, teacher and parents finds its expression at the final results in the form of a trained or educated new citizen of the world.

About 252 activities are included in one year’s program to be completed in 365 days. A student should take up 12 full years of study to complete the course and be prepared to face the world with thousands of problems. The outgoing student should have acquired physical abilities and mental aptitudes to solve any problems of the society. There is no need to go in search of any job. The person is well prepared to make use of any given opportunity to solve social problems.

In a sustainable peace loving society citizens of this kind become key figures in the future. They are leaders, they are protectors and providers. They are social assets. At that stage all are equal and precisely the desired social uplifting in a sustainable society. There will be no poverty, inequality or dominance. There will be no class struggle. There will be no competition. A new civilization is born by the people, for the people and of the people.

Other details as to the implementation of this system, its implications, the financial commitments, training facility for the pioneers are all to be defined at a later date.