Sunday, February 11, 2007

Think it over

The world has witnessed maximum number of scientific and technological advancements during twentieth century alone. Nonetheless at every stage the system has failed to convince critical reviews. No sooner a scientific publication reaches the scientists several others take shelter under such umbrella to justify their own existence.
There being no critical evaluation of the available information a genuine knowledge system has not evolved during that period. Most of the scientific facts are reduced to hoax, to say the least.

Take for example the Mission Manhattan that delivered and detonated the nuclear devices over Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in August 1945. The Second World War came to an end. The world had a clear picture of energy contained in nuclear fission. The atom was divided. Democrit of fifth century B.C. used the term atom to define the smallest indivisible and stable particle. The atoms were shown to be unstable and divisible. There came a series of particles smaller than atom. The advancement of particle research and quantum physics has shaken the basic foundation on which the Periodic Tables came to exist. Once the Periodic Tables are found to be inaccurate the entire chemistry and physics based on these concepts automatically become obsolete.

Another example may be taken regarding the living organisms. In the beginning of 20th century they were included under Natural Sciences. Then they were divided and regrouped into Botany, Zoology and Microbiology. Again Botany and Zoology were reunited into Biology. Biology is the science of life. But so far life energy has not been defined. All that is said and done is using dead organisms and hence should have justly called necrology.

Biochemistry is the next trend combining life sciences with chemistry, specifically organic chemistry. Obviously all these combinations have based their work on dead organisms and out-dated information from Periodic Tables. Many modern disciplines have come up taking queue from the Biochemistry: Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Genetics, and others.

Just in the field of chromatography alone there has been a constant refinement of technique but with least modification to the basic concepts and definitions.

Take for example the only formula known regarding the harnessing of solar energy by plants, the process identified as photosynthesis and respiration. Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and other elements decorate the Periodic Tables. Water available in the natural springs and rivers is much more complex than simple H-O-H. At least all the minerals dissolved in it should have been taken into account. No mechanism is described as to the ionization of Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide supposed to be present in the air. Air has not even been included when considering the planet as a globe. Thousands if not millions of plant products available in the nature are manufactured by plant resources but the scientist has not yet made further progress in understanding them just because his vision is blinded by the limitations of obsolete concepts.

Blood as a complex tissue in the animal body has no coherent mechanisms to receive, transport or administer nutrients as described in the literature. Any gas in the blood is sure to cause death of the organism. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are gases as per literature. How they get separated from the air or incorporated into the blood are other enigmas. Brain tissue is said to consume about 20% of available energy but not a single drop of blood enters the same. If at all it enters there occurs some cerebral damage leading to paralysis. More problems remain unasked and answers unknown in this field. Blood banks and intravenous transfusions and injections are given every where. Commercially this has become a splendid venture.

In the field of medicine a series of erroneous assumptions has resulted in a complex health hazard around the world. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoans are held responsible for most of the diseases of organisms. A highly successful pharmaceutical industry has flourished and ably exploits the humanity through publicity. No wonder the human species is under danger of extinction if remedial measures are not taken in time.

Breakdown of metabolic process accumulated toxic wastes in the body of the organism leading to symptoms called diseases. Removal of toxic waste from the organism is carefully avoided in the system.

Fungi are known to grow on any dead organic substrate. They do not attack metabolically active cells, tissues, organs or organisms. The prozoans enter the human body and then establish themselves only when the suitable environment is found therein.

It is a different story with bacteria and viruses. As a rule about 10% of body weight corresponds to bacteria in any living organism. These microbes may be useful or not to the organism. They occur in diverse forms. Some are useful others serve to eliminate the damaged cells and tissues. Their activity is closely related to the vitality of the organism. When these bacteria proliferate in one cell where the medium is suitable for their growth they become virulent. The purpose is to eliminate the cell in question. Obviously the temperature rises. The organism feels the temperature and the treatment given at the time is to get rid of the fever. The bacterial cell suffers in the presence of antibiotics invented during 20th century. The viral particles present in the bacterial cell proliferate to consume the same. Once the bacterial cell becomes empty viral particles also disappear. This is what is found in the literature.

The problem becomes more complex at this stage. By definition viral particles are symbiotic with bacteria and hence called bacteriophages. They can never attack any other organisms than bacteria. How can there be diseases caused by viruses among humans? Diseases like polio, aids, common cold, dengue fever, Ebola, human papiloma, herpes are all attributed to the viral pathogens present in the air. No viral particle has been isolated nor studied apart. They are supposed to produce enzymes to dissolve the nuclear membrane of the bacteria and come in contact with the complimentary nucleic acids and then only become virulent. The viral particles are supposed to carry 500 genes compared to 4000 genes for a bacterium. This has served to proceed with human genetic mapping in some way or other.

It is interesting to note that nuclear divisions, mitosis or meiosis are not known in bacteria and its nucleus is not seen. How can one count the genes in the absence of any chromosomes? The pharmaceutical companies are eager to find out products for sale. The easiest thing they discovered is the vaccination, especially for children below 8 months. Some have even commented that this is just because the children at that age cannot complain.

Vaccines are supposed to be debilitated viruses or microbes with recipients to deliver the material. The medium in which these are carried may contain dangerous substances damaging the organisms. Many children who received the triple antigen vaccine developed autism. Organic mercury present in dangerous quantities in the vaccine was pin pointed as the possible causal agent for this disease. Such vaccines are banned in industrially advanced countries to avoid health hazards in the future. Perhaps it is worthwhile reviewing the entire vaccination policy at the earliest.

The WHO has recently accepted errors committed by experts promoting the use of formula substituting breast milk for children. To avoid health damage to the children now the campaign is to promote breast milk for a baby during first two years. This assures proper mental development of the baby. It protects the baby immunologically. This is to say that no vaccine is needed during that period. Does it not occur to any one that all propaganda promoting vaccinations sound strange? This can easily be contrasted when the propaganda insists that they should be administered to a baby before it reaches 8 months of age.

Multinational pharmaceutical giants spend huge amounts of money to promote and market their products. World Consumers Forum has denounced the malpractice involved.

Another point for reflection at this stage is the description of symptoms or diseases and search for attacking these symptoms. Fragmentation of the whole organism on one hand and the isolation of active principle from a natural product to combat a symptom are all indications of mismanagement of health issues. A human being should be the target of treatment as a whole. Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, economic health issues are to be studied in a nut shell.

Many such reflections should help humanity to reconstruct the scientific trend in search of true knowledge. The information technology has made the world ‘flat’. Constructive criticisms among young intelligent scientists alone can make them leaders of the world in the near future. May God guide them all.

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